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About Us

About us

Bunifu Technologies Ltd. is an industry innovation leader founded in the year 2011. We are a ‘Nexus of Engineering and Programming’ and since inception we have developed more than 30 products ranging from mobile, desktop, web and engineering solutions and tools.
We pride ourselves in our vast pool of qualified and experienced professionals, who over the years, have established a niche for themselves in the global market.
Bunifu Antivirus; the first African Antivirus developed locally by our team clearly indicates the exponential potential that Africa has.

Our Focus

Bunifu Technologies focuses on Cyber and information security solutions. We are the guys behind the first Antivirus solution  to be developed in Africa.  The Antivirus is our flagship product amongst other security solutions & tools. Ultimately, our aim is to fill the cyber and information security gap in the African market.

Our Mission

To be the leading cyber and information security solution provider in the African continent.

Our Vision

To be a nexus of programming and Engineering

Our Core Values

  • Quality: Quality accompanies every aspect of our operations
  • Integrity: We are what we are at face value, on the real though!
  • Collaboration: Good partnerships make the journey enjoyable.
  • Commitment: Delivering on what we say we will do