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Future of Automation: Will humans be out of jobs?


Stuff of science fiction?

Advancement in technology and innovation means that more jobs, even door to door deliveries, now being taken over by drones deliveries, will be outsourced to some type of automation process. What seemed like science fiction some few years ago is now reality.

Better quality of living.

There is a bright side to all this, boosts in quality of life, health and safety are on the rise with these advancements. Our only limitation is how fast we can adapt to this emerging technology and make the best use of it.

Moving too fast?

The drawback to how fast this change to automation is taking place can only be compared to the Industrial revolution. The number of jobs that are lost versus new ones being created by technology is unbalanced currently. This means school curricula has to change to incorporate new technology and to change the direction of technology so that it is more friendly, more complementary, to the mass of workers that are currently not benefiting from technology. If workers that have been consigned to lousy jobs suddenly see new opportunities opening to them, then I think there’s more motivation, and they are much more willing to seek out the skills.

Age of extinction. 

Automation does not mean doom as yet, even jobs that have been taken over by machine processes will still need human supervision, it means that employees will need to gain more skills to keep up with the automation process. Optimus Prime isn’t needed to save the human race just yet. Humans are still vastly superior at any work that requires creativity and thinking outside of the box (or one’s and zero’s so to speak).


The more things change, the more they stay the same. As technology advances, nostalgia will never go away. Most people will crave food as was made by grandma and served by real people, or handcrafted furniture to just needing to turn over the pages of a book written years ago and bound by hand.

The good news is, that technology is beginning to create curricula that can transform education. Every one, right now, is wide open to revolutionary transformational developments.The only limitation we have is our ability to exploit them; that’s the only limitation we have. We are not adapting fast enough. But just about everything you can imagine can be automated.


  1. Joan Kiptoo says:

    Hopefully the the automated machine processes will improve our ways of life.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for feedback. We hope so too.

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