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“Hey @UKenyatta give me the weed!”

KDF Twitter Account Hack

The hacking of twitter accounts of Kenya Defence Force (KDF) and its spokesperson Major Emmanuel Chirchir is an indication of the increased vulnerability of persons, organizations and governments to information security breach. ….“The #Kenya Ministry of Defence is under new management: #Anonymous,”. Read one of the tweets from the hackers. This calls for government and institutional preparedness in Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR).

Using the handle @Anon_0x03, the hackers requested President Uhuru Kenyatta through @UKenyatta for weed, and also told him and Deputy President William Ruto, @WilliamsRuto, to, “piss off!”. Demands for resignation of Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo and Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku over insecurity among other tweets were made. Basing on the content of these tweets it’s more likely that these are tech-savvy locals, and not foreigners.

When you plug into the world it’s easy to forget the world is also plugged into you. Phishing, spoofing, clickjacking and social engineering are some of the common tactics used by such black hat hackers. These hackers make your information and data vulnerable. In the industrial age most of industry wealth was in the assets; the buildings, machines used, raw materials and the finished products. Today far more assets are computer- stored information such as proprietary formulas, marketing and sales information, and financial data. Some financial assets only exist as bits stored in various computers. Many businesses are solely based on information – the data is the business, more so our security.

This calls for the need for our government and industry players to take swift action in mitigating and adapting to these new challenges. The fact that these was a repeated hack and that it took our forces over 12 hours to bring things under control is but the tip of the iceberg to a wider problem.

Fortunately at Bunifu technologies we are already doing something. The recent launch of Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware on May 16th 2014 is a clear intent of our zeal to fill this gap. This is an ideal product for consumers and businesses who desire robust protection against viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans among other e-threats.  In our effort to provide the best solutions in the industry and to keep our customers and their technology safe, our developers work round the clock to build products to suit your information security needs.

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