Picture this, you have a deadline and it’s nearing.  You have done your project well and are happy you have finished it. You save it in your USB drive ready for printing. It’s a few days to submission and you do the final editing and fine tuning. Ready for printing you head over to your local cyber for printing. Plugin your USB drive ready to print. On opening the USB drive you realize its empty and you can’t see your files and you had saved the only copy in your USB drive. What do you do?

Not to worry, keep calm. You need Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware.

Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware recovery does amazing stuff to your virus affected documents and files. It sanitizes your virus affected documents and restores them to a readable state. Recovery only works on files inside your USB drive. It also uncovers files and folders that viruses have hidden. To recover your documents follow the steps below:

  • 1. Insert your USB drive to your PC,  Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware will automatically scan the drive, if there are threats it will be listed within the scan window.  Click disinfect / remove to clear all.
  • 2. Begin Recovery by navigating to the second window of system dashboard. Use the left and right arrows to do this.
  • 3. With your USB inserted to your PC, click on Recover button, the process will begin automatically with a pop up window showing recovery progress.
  • 4. Once finished a pop up notification showing completion of the process will display. Click Ok to exit.
  • 5. Navigate to your USB drive, you should see your recovered files.


That’s it!  A simple procedure on how to recover lost documents using Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware. Simple and easy. Have fun :)

If you haven’t downloaded Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware head over to http://bunifusniper.com/download .