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New Scam Alert!


Domain slamming (also known as unauthorized transfers or domain name registration scams) is a scam in which the offending domain name registrar attempts to trick domain owners into switching from their existing registrar to theirs, under the pretense that the customer is simply renewing their subscription to their current register or warning them of pending legal action due to that domain name spamming ohters. Below is an example of an email your company is likely to receive. It’s a fake email meant to threaten domain owners and it’s typically sent via info@ emails or webmaster@email.

Dear Domain Owner,

 Our system has detected that your domain: XYZ.co.ke is being used for spamming and spreading malware recently.

You can download the detailed abuse report of your domain along with date/time of incidents. Click Here

 We have also provided detailed instruction on how to delist your domain from our blacklisting.

 Please download the report immediately and take proper action within 24 hours otherwise your domain will be suspended permanently.

 There is also possibility of legal action depend on severity and persistence of your abuse case.

 Three Simple Steps:

  1. Download your abuse report.
  2. Check your domain abuse incidents along with date and time.
  3. Take few simple steps for prevention and to avoid domain suspension.

 Click Here to Download your Report

 Please look into it and contact us.

 Best Regards,

Domain Abuse Admin

DomainCop Inc.

Tel.: (139) 789-51-56

It can be very alarming but it’s a scam.


Educate all relevant employees to not reply to suspicious e-mails concerning domain names and trademarks. There is no incentive for a domain name registrar to warn a brand owner of a pending request to register a similar domain name. As such, these types of emails should always be considered fraudulent. If there are doubts about the legitimacy of these emails, they should be verified by legal counsel before responding.

It is important to keep in mind that these fraudulent emails are intended to identify companies that are likely willing to pay fees to prevent third parties from registering their domain names or trademarks or to avoid legal action. Responding to these e-mails will only serve to identify the brand owner as a target to be exploited, effectively turning a potential threat into a real one. So, best advice for domain owners is to ignore the email and not click on the links.

Also, never be afraid to trust your instincts. If something seems suspicious, take the time to double check any links, or that the number sending you texts is genuine. Our mantra is ‘think twice before you act’, and don’t let panic override common sense.

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