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October 11, 2016
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The Ugly Truth About Smart Devices


Here’s why you need to invest in a company that takes your organization’s Information Security seriously.

Emerging technologies bring new tools and functionality. Smart locks, smart thermostats, smart cars, wireless smart speakers ,smart fridges — you’ve probably heard some of these terms lately, and you’re going to hear them even more as the year goes on. But what are these things exactly — and what makes them so smart?

These devices are all part of an emerging category called the Internet of Things, or IoT for short. At its very basic level, IoT refers to the connection of everyday objects to the Internet via a smart phone and to one another, with the goal being to provide users with smarter, more efficient experiences. But as imperfect creations, they may also possess design flaws and unseen vulnerabilities. And with the “always on”, “always connected” nature of so many IoT gadgets, these flaws present opportunities for hackers and cyber-criminals to steal data, compromise systems, disrupt operations, and quite possibly endanger lives.

Should even one of these devices become infected, hackers can plant backdoors to create and launch an automated Denial of Service attack. A Denial of Service attack, quite simply, is an interruption in an authorized user’s (That’s You) access, to a computer network, typically one caused with malicious intent by another person (Hacker).

“IoT is the new frontier of attack where we’re going to start seeing a rapid increase in these attacks.” Pedro Abreu of ForeScout says. “Although these devices may appear insignificant in terms of security, Abreu explained, there are many ways hackers can use IoT (smart devices) to gain access to networks, entire systems.”

The ‘’Internet of Things’’ presents a unique and evolving challenge, requiring new approaches and fresh thinking, from the cyber-security sector. To stay safe, invest in a company that runs various security tests for your organization (or home) to ensure you are not at risk. Some of the important tests to look out for include:

Penetration Testing – Pen test focuses on network infrastructure, systems and web. This involves assessing for the presence or absence of vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure before the bad guys.

Cloud Security Services – seeks to find suitable cloud service providers and packages that suit your requirements without compromising quality and also cost efficient. For those already using these services, assess your security posture and help them enforce appropriate security measures.

Web & App Security Assessment – With this assessment in place we will help your organization understand its security posture and aid in defining and integrating security implementation and verification activities into existing development and operational processes.

Red Team Assessment – Red Team Assessment is a type of assessment that simulates types of attacks carried out by malicious users and criminals when targeting an organization. The assessment mainly focuses on the organization’s security.

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