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As information security threats to your organization continue to grow in prevalence and sophistication, awareness and training of the technical and nontechnical members of the team is essential.


When you plug into the world it’s easy to forget the world is also plugged into you. Phishing, spoofing, click jacking and social engineering are some of the common tactics used by such black hat hackers. These hackers make your information and data vulnerable. In the industrial age most of industry wealth was in the assets; the buildings, machines used, raw materials and the finished products.

Today far more assets are computer- stored information such as proprietary formulas, marketing and sales information, and financial data. Some financial assets only exist as bits stored in various computers. Many businesses are solely based on information – the data is the business, more so our security.

Architectural & implementation flaws

The systems or software you purchased recently might be safe but how it’s implemented might leave doors for cyber crime to thrive. Having a clear measure of the effectiveness of your IT security defenses is critical.

Technical staff

Unfortunately, most information security training is narrow in scope and doesn’t accurately reflect the breadth of tactics, trade craft or persistence of a committed adversary. In this endeavor we seek to ensure your IT personal are trained so as to adequately combat and prevent future exploits.

Nontechnical staff

We create awareness among them and train on e-threats preparedness, threat Identification, reporting, containment, mitigation and best practices.


Legal and security standards compliance is crucial in achieving desired security measures. PCI compliance, Pentest compliance, ISO security certification, application software certifications, Cloud control matrix compliance, web and server application assessment are some of the security compliance we will help your organization comply with.

Key Training Areas

Best practices

Tools to use

DFIR (Digital Forensics & Incident Response)

How to prioritize security based on resources and Cost

Implications viz a viz consequences

Organization Security Policies

Professional Certifications

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