In summary:

  • Virus name: googleupdate.a3x Autoit
  • Detection: Trojan/worm
  • Remediation: Bunifu sniper patch for users using the 2014 version

A brand new PC without an antivirus software installed is vulnerable to infection within minutes of connecting to the internet. An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure because once your computer is infected, it will be a herculean task restoring it without suffering some loss.

Lost project thesis, Corrupted class assignment, slow machine among others; are but some of the common stingers you will have to content with once your PC is infected. Many will also attest to their folders and files disappearing or reduced to shortcuts. This can be very frustrating especially where no back plan is in place.

A Virus known as googleupdate.a3x Autoit has been on the rampage in the recent past. It has frustrated many Kenyans resulting to lose of data which manifests itself in files & folders disappearing or reducing them to shortcuts. The virus which hides its executable in C:\Google and skypee folder refuses to go away even after cleaning/ scanning with some of the common AVs in the market.

Its vector of propagation is through use of removable media including USB flash disks, external drives, but also smartphones or digital cameras through their memory cards. It copies itself to the device and infects your computer immediately you plug in. Caution should be observed once a shared removable memory device is in use.

Remediation; For our Bunifu Sniper 2014 users a patch has been provided, this can be found from our website; or  The 2015 version of the product is almost complete. The product will offer enhanced robust protection identical with our previous version. In addition look forward to new exciting features, among them is the introduction of remote desktop security using DroidPC drivers, other new features include;

  • Secure browsing
  • Cloud protection
  • New award winning super fast scan engine
  • App freeze &
  • Awesome UI & UX

Stay tuned for more info. You can also write to us through or post a ticket at:

Credits: Billy Kipruto. Thanks for the red alert