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We power innovation for business productivity

Bunifu Technologies Limited was founded in 2011. Since its inception, Bunifu attempted to bring forth innovative products to solve 21st-century business needs. The founders are Keith Korir, Wilberforce Seguton and  Kimutai Kipngetich. 

Bunifu has always attempted to solve complex business productivity problems by use of technology and automation. As an example, Bunifu’s flagship product is Bunifu Antivirus which was commercialized in 2014 and has since been shelved. Although Bunifu has pivoted to other products, Bunifu Antivirus remains a cornerstone to the birth of new technologies at Bunifu. 

Today, Bunifu is active in providing automation solutions in Education and software development industries. Our innovation does not stop at that, Bunifu are in continuous exploration to provide more productivity and automation tools in more industries. 


We are on a mission

Bunifu believes in continuous innovation and value delivery. We are here for the longterm to deliver value by bringing forth technologies which better hummanity.


The idea & Vision

The idea of a creative Afro-tech leader is born - to be Africa's innovation leader. Bunifu is formally registered 


First MVP

PC Duplicate file scanner is born to optimize hard drive storage


MVP product released

We build upon the duplicate file scanner to launch Bunifu Anti-malware


Flagship product launched

Bunifu Anti-malware undergoes feedback & iteration which leads to the launch of Bunifu Antivirus. The first flagship product of Bunifu and the first of its kind in the continent 


2nd Product launched

Bunifu ventures into the education sector. Due to growing demand, Bunifu launches an ERP for schools - Bunifu ERP


New MVP product released

Bunifu discovers their strength in building great user interfaces. Bunifu releases its first version of their in-house UI tools to public


1st pivot

With the success of Bunifu UI Devtools and the underperformance of Bunifu Antivirus, it was time to pivot. Bunifu stopped working on its flagship product Bunifu Antivirus to focus on Bunifu UI tools & the ERP


2nd Pivot

After a year of focus on two products i.e. Bunifu UI Devtools and Bunifu ERP, minimal success was recorded for Bunifu ERP. We made a tough decision to stop working on it. On the other hand, Bunifu UI Devtools iterated to become a full UI framework dubbed Bunifu Framework


New MVP product released

Our exit in the education industry was temporary. Our experience in the industry led us to launch Bunifu Go mid-2019. A transport app and system that increases safety and efficiency in daily school transport 


New product launched

With the success of Bunifu Go MVP in two schools, we went mainstream with Bunifu Go

The journey

Delivering value globaly

Bunifu's local solutions transcend borders. With the power of the internet, we have reached thousands of customers globally with Bunifu Framework 

Countries reached

Growing community

Emerging industry leader

Bunifu is disrupting traditional 20 year+ industry innovation leaders with new technologies and a new way of doing business. 

At the core of our innovation, we seek to provide speed, save time and great customer support. Our customers have great stories to tell about our products. 

Making life easier & efficient for 7 years in a row


Our impact on education and higher learning

Students in universities across the world are using Bunifu Framework in their research thesis, projects and experiments to visually create compelling interfaces and visualize data.

Locally, Bunifu Go is used to enhance the safety of students on transit to and from school with realtime communication with parents or guardians.


Ngong Town, Forest Line Road, Hiwi Court, 3rd Floor, HC305, Kajiado County, Kenya.

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